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New characters are now automatically nirvana cultivation.


Incase some people are confused about the rates, they are now
x600 exp
x500 SP
x500 gold
x300 drops

- Niko

Views: 27998 | Added by: Niko | Date: 10 Feb 2009 | Comments (37)

RemnantPW is running guys.
It will be up at various times as we are working on it.

Current Rates
Exp: 300x
Sp: 250x
Gold: 250x
Drops: 150x

Please do not complain about Cubi or any other side matters.
As this is just the Beta. We are working very hard to fix bugs and glitches first.
Some Cubi will be in the Auction House, so do not fret. But don't go crazy for it. xD
Anyway. Have fun Remnants! And Happy gaming!

For any account problems, inform Niko or Loki on the Forums.
For additional information or if you have any questions.
Please post them in the Discussion section of the Forums.
The community will help you with anything. :]
~[ Remnant : We Will Be Legends. ]~

Downloads are available in the Forums. As well as detailed instructions.

Views: 5429 | Added by: Loki | Date: 03 Feb 2009 | Comments (28)